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8 Top 3D Avatar Based Virtual Trade Show Platforms in India

Virtual Trade Show Platforms

Virtual event platforms have now welcomed avatars to make the experience more immersive. So, you can create avatars for all the attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. The 3D avatars will be resembling the participants. Moreover, it will make the experience more like real life.


Hence, here are the features of 3D Avatars You Can Get with the Top Virtual Trade Show Platform are as follows:


  • VoIP and spatial 3D Audio integration
  • Own voice to speak as well as hear option for the avatars in real-time
  • A distance-based audio effect, just like real life
  • You can make your avatar talk, walk, run, wave, raise their hand, clap, sit down and even dance during the virtual event space.


So, it has become an element of engagement and enjoyment for the attendees. Hence, you need the right virtual event platform that can provide you with the right services.


Hence, here are the 8 Top 3D avatar-based virtual trade show platforms in India.


8 Top 3D Avatar Based Virtual Trade Show Platforms in India!


You can get a lot of virtual AGM platforms offering 3D avatars for your virtual exhibition. But the best quality and success come with the best technology. So, you should know the top virtual event service providers to get an immersive and seamless experience. Hence, the 8 Top 3D avatar-based virtual trade show platforms in India are as follows:


  1. Dreamcast


Dreamcast is a well-known 3D avatar-based virtual trade show platform in India. So, participants can create their own avatar using the different outfits and hairstyles options. Moreover, you can make a resembling avatar making your virtual event experience more immersive and seamless. Also, you can get numerous features with Dreamcast as follows:


  • 3D Based Avatar
  • 3D Environment
  • Easy Registration
  • Browser-Based Solutions
  • Dynamic Banners
  • Customized Environment [Designs, Music, Tabs, Icons, Touchpoints]
  • DIY Virtual Booths Builder
  • Easy Navigation
  • Access Management and Control
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • DIY Touchpoints
  • Introduction Guide Video
  • DIY Booth Button Icons and Names
  • MicroSite
  • Live Notifications
  • Twitter Wall
  • Mosaic Wall
  • Social Wall
  • Signature Wall
  • External Plugin Integrations
  • No Audience Capping
  • Seamless Networking
  • AI Matchmaking Tool
  • Document Library
  • CXO Lounge
  • Communication Tool [1:1 or Group Live Audio, Video Calls, Chats]
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler
  • Live Polls
  • Q&A Sessions as well as Surveys
  • Engagement Via Emoticons [Heart, Thumbs Up, Clap & Hoot]
  • AR and VR Games [Spin Wheel, Word Cloud, Quiz or Contests, Trivia]
  • Leaderboard as well as Popularity Score
  • AR Photo Booths
  • Digital Footprinting
  • Robust Data Tracking
  • Feedback Form
  • Analytics Tools
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Tech Chat
  • 24/7 Real-Time As Well As Local Time Zone Support


So, these features provided by Dreamcast can make your virtual event experience immersive and seamless. Also, you can add a lot of virtual activities and ideas in order to increase your event attendees’ engagement.


  1. VirBELA


VirBELA is a well-known virtual AGM platform. It provides a 3D avatar to the audience. Moreover, you can create a resembling avatar of yours with various outfits and hairstyles. Also, you can get numerous beneficial features with VirBELA as follows:


  • Unlimited Webinars for A Month
  • Powerful Marketing As Well As Automation Features
  • Includes 100 Attendees As Well As 1 Host License
  • HD Audio & Video
  • Recording as well as Playback
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Registration as well as Promotion
  • Ticketed (PAID) Webinars
  • Robust Analytics
  • Chat, Polls, Q&A, as well as Handouts
  • No Downloads, All Browsers
  • Recordings
  • API Access
  • 5 Different Webinar Types
  • Send up to 10,000 Emails per Day
  • 15+ Landing Pages


  1. MootUp


MootUp is a high-rated 3D virtual exhibition platform in India. So, they offer immersive quality services. Hence, here are some of the features you can get with MootUp.


  • 3D Virtual Event Space
  • Company Designs Space Branding
  • Live Embedded Stream
  • Pre-Recorded Videos
  • Live Technical Support
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Interactive Games Together with Activities
  • Assisted Rehearsal
  • Event Metrics Together With Reporting
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • Demand Generation
  • Digital Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Management


  1. Virtway Events


Virtway Event is a highly renowned 3D avatar-based virtual trade show platform in India. Moreover, you can create a perfect and successful virtual event with their Special Functionalities:


  • 100% Customizable
  • 3D Virtual Environments
  • 100 Base Scenes
  • Accessible from Any Device
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Simultaneous Users Are Responsible for Licenses
  • Live Streaming As Well As Video Sharing Integrations
  • Interactive Games and Activities
  • Customized Business Booths
  • Stands for Tradeshows, Also Job Fairs
  • Unlimited Brand Advertising Together with Promotional Services
  • Customized Clothing Together with Uniform Options
  • Personal Profiles for Speakers As Well As Brands
  • Business Cards Sharing
  • Built-In Live Chat As Well As Private Chat
  • Scalable from Any Device
  • Presentations
  • 24/7 Event Support


  1. Hyper Fair


Hyper Fair is a renowned company in India that offers 3D virtual exhibition platforms. Moreover, you can get significant additional specifications with Hyper Fair, enlisted as follows:


  • Highly Scalable
  • Web-Based Browser
  • Easy-To-Use With Drag & Drop
  • Universal Accessibility
  • Avatar-Based Behavioral Analytics
  • 3D Objects As Well As 360 Videos
  • Native Talk, Live Keynotes, As Well As Presentations For In-Browser
  • All Your Computer, Your Laptop, Android Tablet As Well As Phone Availability


  1. Grupo Fair


Grupo Fair is a well-known 3D Virtual Job Fair Platform in India. So, it offers numerous features that can be helpful to make your event platform more attractive. For instance:


  • VR/Non-VR
  • Multilingual 3D Voice Interaction
  • Precise Language Translators
  • Data Security
  • Personalized Avatars
  • Multi-User Platform


  1. Avianet


Avianet is one of the best 3D avatar-based virtual AGM platforms in India. So, you can get various additional elements to make your virtual event interaction. Such as:


  • Live Chat
  • Promo Video
  • Search Feature
  • Event Survey
  • Schedule Tracking
  • Leaderboard
  • Multi-Language
  • Information Desk
  • Booths
  • Profile
  • Live Auditorium
  • Virtual Roundtable


  1. HoloFair


HoloFair is a well-known 3D-based virtual trade show platform in India. So, you can offer the attendees to create their resembling avatars easily. Also, they provide various features like:


  • Customizable Together with Branded Venues or Booths
  • Engage with Interactive Content
  • Live Webinars as well as Q&A Sessions
  • Event Gamification as well as Scoreboards
  • Event Analytics as well as Metrics
  • 24/7 Technical as well as Customer Support


So, these are the various 3D avatar-based virtual trade show platforms that can be helpful to conduct the best events in India. Moreover, you can get exceptional features with the resembling avatars that can make your & your attendees’ experience immersive.


Hope, you will find this article beneficial to know the various virtual event platforms that provide avatar services in India.

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