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Create 3D Video Animation in Minutes With These 3D Software Tools

3D Video Animation

In the early 1900s, a French cartoonist developed a short film utilizing just hand-drawn characters. Every frame was different, with flowing movements and image animation. In 1995, Toy Story, the first computer-animated, three-dimensional, featured film began the modern animation era.


Nowadays even businesses are following the new 3D Video Animation

Trend. Whether it’s a short clip that describes your company’s product or a user guide, explainer videos are always helpful and innovative ideas to engage the audience.


These animated movies are simple to create and can provide excellent results for your company. All you have to do now is find the correct animation tool or service for business animation and effectively communicate your concept.

8 Useful 3D Animation Tools:

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to animation. Many businesses and individual artists use 2D and 3D animation software to automate the process of bringing their ideas to life.


However, If you’re new to digital art, you’re probably not familiar with professional graphics tools.


Let’s discuss some of the amazing 3D Video animation software:

1- Blender:

It is one of the best open-source 3D animation programs available today. Blender is an all-in-one 3D animation application that can be used by both novices and experienced animators pros to produce 2-second animated


Blender may have more features than the complete versions of some of the most popular graphics products are:


  • Texturing,
  • Body simulation
  • Sculpting
  • Video editing
  • Composition
  • Colouring
  • Texturing
  • 3D modeling


It is the best 3D software to learn to use if you want to create award-winning 3D animations.

2- Animaker:

Animaker is a free subscription-based drag-and-drop animation and 3D Video animation platform. With a wide range of animated character modifications, thousands of templates, and photographs.


Text-to-speech, background music and sound effects, and voiceover are all available as audio options. You can either use Animaker’s sound collection or add your own music.


Advanced features include an in-app camera, multimove, curves, transition effects, and enter/exit effects if you upgrade to the pro version.

3- Powtoon:

PowToon can help businesses build interesting explainer animated videos that will attract their viewers. Your videos always stand out in marketing, HR, IT, report writing, and training. These videos can be used to generate personal videos to surprise loved ones, as well as captivating instructional material and office presentations.


It focuses more on platforms like social media. PowToon reminds pictures of a past era of the Internet, with characteristics and projects that can be simply shared to numerous social media sites and Vimeo.

4- MakeHuman:

MakeHuman is a programme that allows you to make h3D human characters. The 3D animation software was eventually released open source and offered as a standalone programme. The programme lets you to model and animate your creations before exporting them in a variety of formats.


The shopify development services of MakeHuman began with the creation of a blender module. Multiple tabs for different types of character data, such as physical and face traits, are included in the programme. The software is well-known for its use as a photorealistic humanoid prototype tool.


5- Toontastic 3D:

Toontastic is a storytelling tool that allows you to create your own characters from scratch or based on an uploaded photo.  It is a Google’s free animation programme for Android, is designed for youngsters. You can also use to create animated business 3D videos.


Google claims that you can make a one-minute video with up to six scenes in under a minute. It also works offline, allowing you to make films on your daily commute or when the internet is unavailable.


Toontastic isn’t the ideal choice if you want more creative freedom and flexibility. It’s great for individuals who are just getting started with animated videos.

6- Moovly:

Moovly is a 3D Video animation software. You can create animations, upload personal media, export content for publishing, synchronise objects on a timeline Users can produce videos in the Moovly studio and use over a million free stock assets as part of their free subscription package.A video can be completed in under 15 minutes.


There are over 600,000 free samples, films, animations, and sounds available, and you can even use your own media. You don’t need to install it because you can do it right on your desktop.

7- 3ds Max Design:


Modeling, rendering, and animation software 3ds Max Design includes realistic animation behaviour, character rigging, keyframe and procedural tools, powerful particle effects, and various third-party extensions.


3ds Max provides some of the best control tools for sculpting practically anything. Default rendering comes with almost everything you’ll need for the job. On the other hand, we can simply utilize numerous third-party rendering engines. A free trial version is available.

8- Houdini Apprentice:

It is a powerful and adaptable 3D Video animation software. The Houdini Apprentice version of the software is promoted as a tool for beginners and it is free and feature-limited.


Houdini Apprentice is for artists and learners who work with 3D animation and visual effects for television, video games, or virtual reality. Unlike the other tools on this list, this one uses a node-based procedural approach. This allows the artist to experiment with revisions in real time while refining their work.

9- Vyond:

Vyond offers a free trial for users to get a feel for the platform, which is designed for professionals of all skill levels. It drag-and-drop controls, dynamic transitions, royalty-free music, stock characters, and the ability to adapt to varied needs are all included with Vyond.


It includes a lot of features that even someone with no video editing experience may use to make animated videos. A large number of predefined templates and character animations are available. It’s also a great bonus for us to be able to upload our own content and add animation.


10- K-3D:

It simplifies animation 3D Video animation softwar.  K-3D is popular among video makers and artists. K-3D integrates numerous plugins to simplify the animation process and get more done for less money.


K-3D is very adjustable. The capability of this useful software’s visualisation pipeline architecture, on the other hand, is where its power lies.



You can use different softwares for creating business explainer videos. Although, no of your skill level, animation software puts you many steps ahead and helps produce attention-grabbing and engaging content.


So, keep exploring and experimenting.

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